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Don't have a Donor Houston Profile?

If you would like to create a profile for your organization, please send an email to and attach the following documents:

  1. A copy of your IRS 501c3 determination letter

  2. Your past three years of IRS 990s/990-EZs/990-N Postcards. If your organization has not been in operation that long, or if you are a new 501c3, please contact DonorHouston for further instructions.

Include in your email the contact information for the person responsible for creating and updating the profile: name, job title, email address, and telephone number.

We ask that, upon receiving your username and password, you complete your profile four weeks from the date you receive this information. Once your profile is complete, it will be visible to our donors. We also ask that you commit to an annual update including your board information and financial information.


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